Centro Ciência Viva – Mine of Science

Located in old buildings of the Lousal Mine (point house, Geology office, workshops, miners’ bathhouse, etc.), it comprises several interactive and exhibition spaces (The Virtual CAVE, No Earth, no Beetles, Home sapiens, Shower of Science, Hey, Kids! This Mine is For You), which deal with contents of a multidisciplinary nature, in a perspective of scientific and technological dissemination, linked to non-formal education.

Subject areas: Natural Sciences, Geology, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics.

Duration of visit: 90 min. (1.5 hours).

Mining Museum

The museum houses a significant written record, objects and equipment that allow the visitor a glimpse into the daily life of the mine’s years of prosperity. The visit comprises the spaces of electricity production units, compressed air and an exhibition of nineteenth century model mills, whose manufacture dates back to the 19th century in Germany.

Subject areas: Electricity, Mechanics, History and Heritage.

Duration of visit: 45 minutes.


Mineview of Lousal

It is a pedestrian walk of about 800 meters, which passes through the old Lousal ditch and allows you to see the old buildings and structures linked to mining, heaps and acidic ponds, with their characteristic color. During the course there are several stops where information is provided, for example, with the mineral resources and with the environmental impacts resulting from mining.

Subject areas: Natural Sciences, Geology, Biology, Chemistry, Geography.

Duration of the visit: 150 min. (2.5 hours).

Waldemar Gallery

Visit to the first gallery of the Lousal Mine, a horizontal gallery with about 300 meters of extension, that came to be used for storing explosives. During the visit some aspects related to mining and exploration of pyrite are explained.

Subject areas: Natural Sciences, Geology, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography.

Duration of visit: 90 min. (1.5 hours).


A ludic-cultural activity in which participants, divided into groups and starting from the Lousal Ciência Viva Centre, follow the clues of a script in order to reach several important points of the Lousal, namely the Mining Museum, Market, Church, The Craft Center, the School, etc. At each of these points you will have to answer the questions in the script and/or perform certain activities/tasks. After completing the course, they return to the base – the Lousal Ciência Viva Center.

Subject areas: Various, including Physical Education.

Duration of visit: 90-120 min. (1.5-2 hours).